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    We have decided to spend a few weeks looking into our 7 values in a bit more depth. following Simon’s excellent summary of our values a few weeks ago. Here is a schedule of the dates for each topic and also some other dates for your attention. We hope you will all be able to join us for these

    7 values of Bethel Church Series

    1. Jubilee
      1. 16th February
      2. Speaker: Maarten Westera
    2. Kingdom
      1. 23rd  February
      2. Speaker: Simon Lasky
      3. Aaron Lasky  Leading worship
    3. Holy Spirit
      1. 9th March
      2. Speaker Teresa Lasky
    4. Real relationship
      1. 16th March
      2. Speaker Sarah Westera
    5. Partnerships
      1. 23rd March
      2. Speaker Maarten Westera
    6. Generosity
      1. 30th March
      2. Speaker Sarah Westera
      3. Worship leader:  Jon westera
      4. Clocks go forward on this day
    7. Jacob’s ladder
      1. 13th April
      2. Speaker: Simon Lasky


    Other dates to note:

    1         16th March is Colchester Marathon

    1. Sarah is Speaking
    2. and Maarten is leading Worship
    3. Simon Lasky is taking part in the Marathon.

    2         30th March is Altogether service and Mothers day

    1. Mother’s day celebration
    2. Sarah is Speaking
    3. Venue: Little Hands

    3         20th April Easter Sunday

    1. Easter Sunday Champagne Breakfast at Little hands

    4         27th of April Altogether service.

    1. Altogether service at Little hands with…
    2. Meal afterwards at live and let live
    3. Worship Leader Ben Lasky


    There are three consultation sessions scheduled by Colchester Borough Council’s regarding Stanway Development including the provision of a “Faith provision on:

    13th February (6pm) at ‘Live & Let Live’ PH in Millers Lane

    7th March (11.30am) at ‘Live & Let Live’ PH in Millers Lane

    20th March (2pm-8pm) at Tollgate Village Hall in Villa Road

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