• New name: Reflections from Simon

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    Since we changed the name of our church to bethel I have been reflecting about several things

    1. Vulnerability
      When Jacob had his dream he was on the run from his brother. He was at his most vulnerable when he stopped and laid down to sleep. he was defenceless at that point if Esau was chasing him. Jacobs encounter with God cam in that place of vulneability. He needed God. We heard from Andy on Sunday about a cse he was dealing with that took him right outside of his comfort zone and experience. In that place God provided help from an expert. So God wants to in a place of relying on Him, dependent on him, trusting in Him.
    2. Creativity
      Jacob bestowed the coat of many colours. This speaks of creativity. If God created us in him image that we are, by defibnistion creative. I am expecting new music, art, inventions, business ideas to come from heaven and an expression of church that is colouful and vibrant not dull and drab. I saw Les Miserables at the West End again yesterday and was blown away by the music and the power of the redemptive story. Surely something of heaven inspired that musical.
    3. The ladder
      Jacob’s ladder stretched from earth to heaven. I want to have a spirituality that stretches high and bends down low” . In other words we touch heaven and serve the poor. Our efforts to serve the poor need to bring something of heaven to earth and our prayer and worship must bring something of earth to heaven. There is a connection of heaven and earth. Jesus told us to pray in this way for heaven to come to earth.

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