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    BethelChurch.co gathers information for the primary reason of enhancing our customers experience on our website. This privacy policy is intended to act as a guide to consumers to explain what

    information we are gathering about them when they visit our website. Here you will find an outline of how we intend use information, and what methods we have in place to protect your privacy.

    This Privacy Statement applies only to the information gathered online at BethelChurch.co and not to any third party or affiliate sites that you find links to on our site.


    1. General Browsing Information

    BethelChurch.co collects information during all visits to our website. While we are gathering this information, personal and non-personal (such as domain type, browser/version, ISP, and your IP

    address) will be added to our database. This information allows BethelChurch.co to determine how our website is used by you, including which pages are most frequently visited or when these pages

    were last accessed. This information also helps us determine any technical issues our website has and improve the services we offer (such as the determination of how much time it takes a visitor

    to connect to our site or to download a page). Navigation information helps us understand your use of BethelChurch.co and allows us the chance to improve your experience by adding extra features,

    services or products.

    2. Personal Information

    BethelChurch.co requests personal information when you set up or revise a BethelChurch.co account, sign up for BethelChurch.co e-mail, You may also make decisions to sign up to receive information

    about improved products, promotions or services via email or other communication methods.

    Information includes name, physical/mailing address, e-mail address, recipient’s name and e-mail address, order information, telephone numbers, and messages or reminders. You may opt in or out of

    this information collection.

    BethelChurch.co is allowed to use personal information collected to help deliver products, contact you when necessary. These would not be done unless we had questions or required additional

    information. Information will also be used for validation purposes, respond to questions on our website or to help deliver services and/or information about products, promotions or the website,

    including entering your name in theBethelChurch.co e-mail listings or other mailing lists.

    All information provided will be used when you visit us from third party or affiliate sites to sign up forBethelChurch.co e-mail and to send updates aboutBethelChurch.co, including promotions and

    events. In addition, name and mailing address may be used in all the ways outlined in this privacy statement and your e-mail address could be used as designated in this privacy statement.

    BethelChurch.co E-MAIL

    BethelChurch.co e-mail allows exclusive access to news, events, information and more. You may register by completing a sign up form requesting these messages. If at any time you would like to

    unsubscribe from future delivery of BethelChurch.co e-mail, follow the removal instructions located at the bottom of each message or complete the unsubscribe from e-mail form on our site. Removal

    from BethelChurch.co e-mail may not prevent you from receiving all e-mail communications, such as personal emails from other contacts from BethelChurch.co.


    We never share personal information with third parties without expressed permission from you, the visitor.

    We may however release specific information about you when legally required to do so or when based on our information, we deem it is necessary to be consistent with the law, or it is necessary for

    the protection of any of our website users or the public.


    Visitors who visit the BethelChurch.co website from international locations will be subject to the same conditions as explained in this privacy policy.


    1. Definition of cookies and their use on BethelChurch.co

    BethelChurch.co uses the browser features known as cookies. These are files stored by your web browsers on your computer. Cookies may be used to help track mouse clicks and pass information from

    your computer to the website when you visit BethelChurch.co. Cookies help make our site helpful by providing you with a personalized experience. BethelChurch.co uses cookies to track items put in

    your shopping bag and retains this information for future visits. Cookies also give us the ability to relate navigation information from browsing visits with the personal information you have

    already provided.

    2. Shared Cookie Information

    Browsing data gathered by cookies will be shared with others. No personal information gathered by cookies will be shared.

    3. Third-Party Cookie Placement

    Third party advertising companies may gather non-personal information by the placement of cookies when you visit their site or when you visit BethelChurch.co. These third party sites use the non-

    personal information including observing your visits to our website to create their advertisements aboutBethelChurch.co’s information or services. Select companies will give this information to us

    for evaluating the effectiveness of advertisements they have placed about our products and services and for marketing purposes only.


    To help you keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date at all times we offer opportunity to revise or edit your personal information, including billing and shipping information and

    preferences simply by logging into the “My Account” section of our website.


    BethelChurch.co takes the internet protection of children very seriously. Accordingly, we are in full compliance with Child Protection laws. BethelChurch.co does not knowingly gather or keep any

    information provided by anyone under the age of 16.


    Our website contains links to other websites. Third party and affiliate links, provided by BethelChurch.co. We offer no endorsement nor are we necessarily affiliated with those web sites.

    BethelChurch.co will not be responsible for the privacy practices or content of such web sites. We strongly advise you to examine their privacy policies.


    Changes made to this privacy policy will be shown within this privacy policy. For the first 30 days, any changes made by BethelChurch.co or l changes in how we use information – deletions will be

    shown as strikeouts and additions will be underlined. Visit often for updates of our privacy policy if at any time you become concerned about personal information and how we are using it or for

    other announcements from BethelChurch.co.


    We will address any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, so feel free to contact us as soon as questions or concerns are raised.


    Our security includes limited access data-centers, specific firewall technology, secure socket layer certificate authentication and limited access to our systems. We will never ask you to provide

    credit card numbers via e-mail.

    SSL encryption technology secures information you transmit over the Internet. Be advised that 100% security is not always feasible.


    last updated: 10-05-2014

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