• Messy Church

    craftsWe had been planning and preparing for a long time to start running Messy Church events for the  local Community.

    We finally launched our first Messy Church on Sept 21st 2014 and although numbers where quite low it was a great start and we had a lot of fun

    We have since run Messy Church services almost every month and we have had lots of fun and had some  great feedback.



    What is Messy Church

    Messy Church is really designed for the whole family, being creative and enjoying doing arts and crafts together.

    It’s Church but not as you would normally expect it, its Fun, Light hearted, very friendly and informal. So this is an ideal event if you are looking to do

    something together with the Children, at no cost, and at the same time enjoy some friendly company and maybe learn a thing or two as well.

    If you would like to get involved or support this community venture please contact us via the contact form on this website.


    Check our Events page for the next Messy Church service which are held  at Little Hands Children Centre at 10:30 am


    See this link for more information




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