• Shed

    SHED was started about around the start of 2011 and is a small community, focussed around the Emmaus road narrative/acknowledging Christ through breaking of bread. We celebrate communion each time we meet. It aims to provide an opportunity to explore spirituality via discussion and encounter. It works well for those who find present church structure inacessible. Meetings have been based around sharing our experiences and seeking the reality of Jesus in the scriptures. We pray alot and the meetings are pretty intense!

    The objective and the challange is to be a multiplying community. The group started with four of us and there are now seven of us meeting monthly. We also meet in between times for Bible study, meals and friendship. We meet in a home in Sible Hedingham (hence SHED) every fourth Sunday in the month, 10.30am

    Our Next meeting is on Sunday 1st April

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