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    Getting Awkward for Jesus!

    As I look back over the weekend and the things God has been saying I realise again how amazing it is when God confirms his words to us through other people.

    I believe God led us to II Cor 3 :7-17 on Sunday morning and it begins already in chapter 2 talking about Paul’s Triumphal procession.

    I believe it is also to be our experience that even during hard times and tough decisions we walk as if in a triumphal procession. spreading fragrance where ever we go even without realising it.

    Moses wore a veil when he came down from the mountain because the Glory on him was too much for people to look at. I wonder how often we also wear a veil because we are fearful of what people may see, fearful of what they might say? or fearful because we don’t realise that we carry the Glory of God on us, we’ve devalued ourselves and under rate our own level of faith or spirtiual annointing so we rather hide because we think we are not good enough to carry the Glory of God.

    Rick D’Orazio on sunday night, many of you will have heard said: we need to remember who we are in Christ, new creations, and put off false humility!!! and wake up each morning not wondering how we can avoid sin, but wondering how the glory of God will be revealed through us today! be prepared to step over the treshold

    We are that reflection of Glory, the only thing we need is to remember who we are, and wake up with expectancy of More each day.

    We are being transformed everyday into his likeness with ever increasing Glory!!  and that is our minstry (Chpt 4)  the mission of reflecting Glory.

    what about this for a theme which God has been taking us through since I joined Bethel

    November – Hunger after the presence of God, wanting more every day

    January – Jubilee the year of Rest- nothing we can do can add to what God has already done.

    February – Bethel the place of entry into the House of God a stairway into heaven, where we go up and He comes down

    March – Dave Vaughan challanges us to receive all of the Holy Spirit available to us, not be bound by Doctrine or Religion

    March – Teresa Lasky a return to Prayer, Encounter and Love

    April – stepping into the new, stepping over the edge, to be that reflection of Glory without shame or self doubt or false Humilty

    we are in the “After this” moment (Luke 10) A harvest is coming and we are part of the answer the 72 labourers or “fellow Workers”.

    lets be ready church, starting today with getting Awkward for Jesus!


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