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    Peter Farmer at Bethel

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    We are very pleased to be able to invite Peter Farmer to Bethel on Sunday morning the 18th of November.

    Some of us are spending the weekend with Peter learning and discovering some of his inovative  strategies to church planting.

    This will be a fabulous morning which unboubtably will challenge us and montivate us to step out in new ways .

    Peter Travels around the UK meeting and connecting Pioneers and Entrepreneurs on a Mission to totally transform Britain.

    He  has founded a number of initiatives and companies including:




    Through these initiatives he has pioneered change in a variety of settings with a variety of people!

    As an entrepreneur He is passionate about helping people to start up and develop new ideas and innovative ways of thinking.

    Whether you are involved with a business, charity, organisation or group he loves to connect with you and see if there are ways that we can work together to pioneer change.